Wrong username and password error when switching to new universal login experience

Problem statement

The database Login failed when switching to the new Universal Login Experience. It works when using the old experience. The new one always gives the “Wrong Username or Password” error.

Steps to reproduce

  • Set a default directory to a supported connection type (auth0-adldap, ad, auth0, email, sms, waad, or adfs - e.g. an Azure AD connection)
  • Use New Universal login with identifier + password auth profile
  • Enable more than one connection for the test application, i.e. a database (intended login) and Azure AD connection.
  • Attempt to login using database credentials - default directory will be used.


  • Check tenant default directory setting under Tenant’s Settings > General tab > API Authorization Setting
  • Enable connections for the application in question.


As New UL also uses the default directory setting (like ROP flows) this can cause a change in behavior from the Classic experience, resulting in a different connection that supports active authentication being used when a database connection is expected for example.


Ensure that the default directory is either not set or set to the customer’s desired database connection. Enterprise connections should be accessible via HRD or by rendering as a button.