Wordpress Auth0 plugin 4.6.0 too many redirects

Hi, I am having this problem (too many redirects) since I have updated the plugin to the latest version. In the plugin documentation on github it says “Allowed Callback URLs should include the URL to your WordPress site’s wp-login.php” but I have always set it up to “/index.php?auth0=1”. Has anything changed? If I set the Callback URL to /wp-login.php I get a mismatch Call URL error. And if I change it to “/index.php?auth0=1”, I get a too many redirects error. I have deactivated all custom code and plugins but I am still unable to log in.

I have opened an issue in the github plugin 2 weeks ago but I still haven’t had any replies.

I am running Wordpress 6.4.3, PHP 8.0 and the Auth0 plugin version 4.6.0

I am using the plugin “Members” to make the site protected to login.