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Woocommerce checkout with auth0



is there anyway to integrate woocommerce checkout account creation with auth0? i’d like users to create an auth0 login when they subscribe to service during checkout. Thanks!


Hey there @vertoloadm !

We’re super stoked that you want to integrate Woocommerce with our stack but unfortunately we have never created any quickstart or content on integrating these two services. It seems like none of our community developers have done it too.

I’m not sure how it works from the Woocommerce side but if it operates using WordPress then here’s an ultimate set for you that will guide you how you can potentially get to the answer to your question:

Let me know if that helped!


@vertoloadm - Just adding on here … as Konrad said, we don’t support WooCommerce beyond basic login/register on the site but we do have an example of how to do this with custom plugin code:


Thank you Josh, this was exactly what I was looking for. The user experience is now much better, without requiring the user to sign-up before checking out.


Great to hear! If you have any issues with that, let us know. Make sure to keep an eye on new releases to see if anything changes with that process.


Josh -

happy to report that account creation appears to be working well.

One thing I did notice is that when an account is successfully created after checkout, the “thank you” page will only show up for a few seconds before the user is automatically logged out and kicked back to the home page of the domain. Is this expected behavior? On the other hand, if for whatever reason the account creation failed, the user will stay on the “thank you” page with no auto log-out or redirect back to the homepage.

Besides this weird redirect behavior, everything seems to be working great. Thx again for your help w/ this!



Happy to help!

Do you have Single Logout turned on in the admin? We’ve been having reports of folks having a problem with that and we’re investigating it now.


Josh - spot on! I had it on before. Turned it off, tested it again, and voila(!) problem solved.

I’m still working with support to resolve our SSO issue, so it’s not a problem turning off Single Logout for now. Hopefully support can help us figure out the SSO issue soon… For your reference, in case you guys are using the same case-management system: [ ref:_00D37JYbE._5001GahKMD:ref ]

Thanks again for your help.



Josh - is there a target date for this fix so I can turn Single Logout back on?




Not at this moment. In fact, single logout might be removed in an upcoming version as it causes an abundance of authorization calls for a situation that might only be used occasionally. We’re looking into the best way to handle that now.


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@vertoloadm - Just circling back to this before we release the latest version. I’m not seeing any issues with how SLO is implemented in the plugin. I’m wondering if maybe you were using a social connection without generating your own keys (using the default development keys)? If so, that check will always an error and log users out. If this is the case, either generate your own keys there or try a regular user and password.