Why search log events don't return location information?

API mentioned in above document has a dummy response which shows that it returns location information in response. I tried this to fetch information for all users Auth0 is returning everything but no location information I have tried it by adding no fields and by adding location information field with different styles “locationInfo”, “locationinfo”, “location_info”, “locationinfo”. Is this a known issue or my way of finding it is not correct?


Just ran into the same issue. According to the post here About location_info inside the log object - #2 by James.Morrison, that location_info is only available when ip is routable. So I tried including location_info along with ip, and it’s working now.

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Thanks for sharing @di1 :smile:

You can try including both the location_info and ip fields in your request, and see if you get the location information in the response. If it works, then it confirms that the location information is only available when the IP address is routable.

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