Why my Api cannot validate access_token sent by my Angular app


I have 1 application (Single Page) and 1 API (Python), both deployed and working. what happen is that any access_token get by my App after authenticate on Auth0 cannot be validated by my API. All the time I tri to validate any access_token generated by my App I get a “Invalid audience” error, however if I click on “Test” in Auth0 dashboard->Api and copy the access_token generated there, its validated with success in my API.

So what is the issue ? Should I enable any extra configuration in my API to be able to validate tokens received by my Angular application ?

Thank you

Hey there @gaquino welcome to the community!

If you take an access token created via your app and inspect it at jwt.io, can you confirm that 1. there is an audience value and 2. that it matches the identifier specified for your API in your Auth0 dashboard?

Let us know!

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