Why is my scope not getting added to the Authentication call when using loginWithRedirect and the Vue SDK?

I am using the Vue SDK and I am authenticating with the following code…

<script setup>
import { useAuth0 } from '@auth0/auth0-vue';
const { loginWithRedirect, user, isAuthenticated } = useAuth0();
function login(){
    scope: "read:messages"

However, when I try to run this I notice the scope is not added to the request…

Sign In with Auth0…&code_challenge=…&prompt=none&auth0Client=…

What am I missing? How can I add the scope to the authorize message when using the Vue SDK? The docs seem to suggest this is correct

@jgleason ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

The docs seem to suggest this is correct.

Could you please share the link to the doc? Meantime, I am checking this on my end and will get back to you once having the details. Thanks