Why is Auth0 trying to authenticate on every route, including unprotected routes?


I have a fairly simple question. I have created an app that is set up fairly successfully with a combination of Auth0/ Hasura/ React. However, one thing I notice is that for every route that my app accesses, Auth0 attempts to authenticate my identity, I’m assuming via Silent Authentication in the background. I believe this is happening because the ‘Login’ button goes from ‘Logged In’ to ‘Logged Out’ and then back, on many of the pages.

However, in the App.js file where I defined my routes, I only chose to protect a few of them. For example, just viewing queries or going to the About page does not require authentication. Therefore, I wouldn’t expect the Silent Authentication to be taking place in the background. However, it triggers for every page. This causes some problems with UI; I’d like to cut down on the need for authentication as much as possible.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to manually prevent Auth0 from doing silent authentication (or even staying logged in) on certain pages, such as an About page or query page?

For reference, here is my app: https://ddrc-store.herokuapp.com.



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