Why does refresh_token disappear after relogin without consent?


I am using

const url = await buildAuthorizeUrl({
  connection: 'google-oauth2',
  access_type: 'offline',
  prompt: 'consent',

in order to login an user and have an access_token / refresh_token to be able to use Google Calendar API later on. It works perfectly.

Since the user already gave the consent at the first login, I would like to avoid showing consent all the time when the user needs to login again.

The refresh_token disappear from “google-oauth2” provide identity when I do so.
Is it an expected behavior? How can I achieve a non consent following logins when the consent was already given by the user?


Hi @dyox,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you are having issues with retrieving Google refresh tokens.

Before we go any further, is there a reason you are using the legacy SDK auth0.js? You may be better off using the newer auth0-spa-js sdk. From the code sample you provided, you should be able to have the same behavior with a more secure flow.

Hi @dan.woda ,

I followed this tutorial Auth0 Ionic & Capacitor (React) SDK Quickstarts: Add login to your Ionic React with Capacitor app and it prompted me to install @auth0/auth0-react.
I think I was searching for a way to pass connection_scope, access_type: 'offline' and prompt: 'consent' in order to get the refresh_token from Google, I found buildAuthorizeUrl somewhere in the documentation or forum (?).

I am open to any kind of improvement.

It looks like this behavior is intended by Google:

So you will need to fetch the refresh token from Auth0 and store it after the first successful login.

@dan.woda Thanks for your answer.

I was aware of this behavior but since the refresh_token was already stored in Auth0 (at the first login and consent), I thought there was a way to keep it in Auth0. I didn’t want to store it in my Database but it seems like that’s the only solution.

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I tested it and can confirm this is the behavior I am seeing.

If you’d like, you can leave us some feedback here: Feedback.

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