Why are Email and Password inputted seperately on Universal Login?

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We use universal login and organizations. After the user types in the organization name, the user is asked to enter the Email, and then on next page asks for the password. What is the benefit of having Email and Password input separate, can it be combine into a single step/page?

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The reason why you see that the user needs to input their email first and, on a later page, their password is due to the authentication profile set for your tenant. This way, you allow users for different options of authentication based on the provided email address


  • When a user enters a corporate email (for example, user@acme.com), you can redirect them to acme.com’s corporate login page.
  • If a user enters an email for a personal account, you can prompt them for their password.
  • If the user’s device is enrolled with WebAuthn w/Device Biometrics, they can use their device’s biometric authenticators instead of a password.
    Configure Identifier First Authentication

If you want to have only email + password authentication, you must change the authentication profile in the authentication → authentication profile settings to identifier + password.


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