Where to put Subscription Plan Data?

I want to host a JAMStack site on Cloudflare Workers Sites and use Auth0 for auth purposes.

I saw in some examples that (subscription) plan data was inside an Auth0 profiles metadata.

Is this the right place or should I put it with a user ID into Cloudflare Workers KV?

I want to protect some CFW (API) and CFWS (UI) routes.

Hi @kay-is,

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I am not all that familiar with Cloudflare’s serverless offerings, but maybe I can give you some insight on the Auth0 side.

In Auth0, you can use the app_metadata property of the user’s profile to store data that is read-only to the user. This includes could include things like a user’s permissions, external id, or something like a subscription tier. You can then use that data in a rule to make decisions in the authentication pipeline. Here is the metadata doc with more examples and explanation:

In addition to using that info in a rule, you can add app_metadata it to the token in a custom claim and make decisions in the client or API.

Hope this helps!

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