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Where is the pictureUrls property?



I am trying to retrieve large pictures associated with social network login to show on my own sites user’s profile

Previously I was retrieving the values property from the pictureUrls property on the user profile returned after Auth0 authentication.

That property now seems to be missing

I’m not sure when the missing property problem first manifested. I am now using Hosted Login Page with “auth0-js”: “^9.3.3”

if the pictureUrls property has been deprecated what is the new way to retrieve the large picture from a user’s profile?


A good starting point is the info around User Picture:

Auth0 normalizes common profile properties in the User Profile, this includes the name and picture field and more. The picture field is populated by either the social provider profile picture or the Gravatar image associated with the user’s email address. By default all database users will have a placeholder image with their initials. When you authenticate the user, this picture field is referred by as user.picture.


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