Where is my OrgID for an ACS

Hi there-

When sending a ACS url, this is the following format:


How can I find where my orgID is?

Hi @travis1,

You can find your org_id on the Dashboard > Organizations page. There’s an Identifier column which references your organization ID.

Alternatively, you can get this information by calling the Management API’s Get organizations endpoint.

Okay, perfect. So this “MyOrgID” is actually for the connection I am creating right?

If my company’s OrgID is XXXXXX and my customer’s OrgID is YYYYYYY, then I replace {MYORGID} with YYYYYY in the url, correct?

Hi @travis1,

If you are using organizations, you can direct your users to a specific organization login prompt by providing the organization ID in the query string as the organization parameter.

Therefore, the MyOrgID part of the URL should refer to an organization ID you created on your dashboard. This could be your customer’s orgID.

For example:

Please refer to this documentation on configuring SAML SSO on the service provider.

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