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Where can I set the Standard Claims?


Hi, in the response of the JWT. I want to have the standard claims, for example, Phone_number. But I don’t know where I can set it. I only can get the following json. I have tried to use rules, but It do not work. Can anyone help me ?

“iss”: “”,
“sub”: “xxxxxxcc42d9af6f574”,
“aud”: “sssssss”,
“iat”: 1521884842,
“exp”: 1521920842,
“nonce”: “ssss”


:wave: @akim

For Standard Claims fields you can request them in your scopes parameter when authenticating, assuming OIDC-conformant authentication. An example: scope: 'openid profile phone email', . For any custom claims then you would use a Rule.

If you require more assistance, can you please provide the code you are using to authenticate?


Thanks for your response. After I set the scope I can receive more information from Auth0. For example, I can receive nickname, gender, email etc. But, I still can not get the phone number etc. I can not find a setting for phone in the user menu. Where can I set a phone number in the Auth0 ?


@akim were you able to solve your issue? Let me know if you are still having issues.

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