Whenever I change user permissions,roles, etc. the user needs to re-log for the changes to apply!


I have this problem with Auth0…

Every time I change, for e.g., user permissions, roles, the user needs to re-log for the changes to take place.

Would it be possible for this to happen automatically? So there will be no need to re-log after I do user changes?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I believe this is a token lifetime issue. The issued token includes your user perms / roles. As long as the token is valid (token lifetime) your app will not go back to Auth0. When the token expires or the user logs out / in a new token will be issued with the updated info.

I don’t believe there is any way around this unless you rely on a proxy that can act as gatekeeper. E.g., AWS has oauth enabled load balancers now … you could put your apps behind such a load balancer and have the LB check Auth0 for updates. In theory. I haven’t tried it.