What's the point of updating `verify_email` or `verify_phone_number` via the Management API?

The update user endpoint allows you to update verify_email and/or verify_phone_number via API call. I already discovered that if you send verify_email:true to the create user endpoint it will trigger the sending of the “Welcome” email to the newly created user asking them to verify their email.

If I set verify_email:true when I patch a user, will that also trigger the (re)sending of the verification email? Is this essentially the same thing as calling the create an email verification ticket endpoint? If so, wouldn’t using the ticket method be preferred? Is there a use case when it would make more sense to use the patch user method?


Gah! Nevermind. Figured it out. (I had the samples collapsed in the API explorer which is where the purpose behind the feature was documented).

If anyone else arrives here with the same question, the point of verify_email in user updates is if the email was ALSO updated, you can let Auth0 know whether or not the newly-updated email has to be verified or not. This is NOT how you would trigger a new verification email being sent to a user who, for example, accidentally deleted the original verification email, or it got put in spam or something like that.

Glad you have figure it out! And thanks a lot for contributing that knowledge to the rest of community!

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