What type of application to use?

I’m new to Auth0 and i have these applications:

  1. Flutter app
  2. Flutter app
  3. Phoenix web app
  4. Phoenix/Elixir API

All applications will be using one backend server. Currently, i configured the backend server to use credentials for a native application.

I wondering if i should still use the credentials for a native application when i have mobile and web applications.

Hi @scrubborg,

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You should register each app and API/backend separately. You will end up having a client ID for each app, and a client secret for any non-public applications. Go to Applications > Create Application or APIs > Create API depending on what you are registering. You should end up having 3 Apps and 1 API, from what you have listed.

Hope this helps,

I see. But if i were to use universal login, do i need to create mutiple Apps and 1 API?

Yes that is correct.

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