What is the preferred way to integrate logs with segment

What is the preferred way to integrate with segment? I found two sources:

  1. A custom rule: https://auth0.com/docs/monitoring/guides/send-events-to-segmentio
  2. https://auth0.com/docs/extensions/segment

Has anybody tried both of these approaches? Ideally I would capture signup and login for a SPA and maybe authentications for the backend too.

Posting this here as it seems like a similar question that wasn’t responded to.

I would probably suggest the extension if you want plug and play, and rules if you want full control over how logs are recorded, but I don’t have much hands on experience with segment specifically.

Hope this helps!


Hi Dan,

Thanks. I’ve switched over to the extension and I seem to be getting at least the same level of logging!

Great, let me know if you run into anything and we can work through it.

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