What is the difference between Actions (new) and Rules

As far as I can see Actions / Flows can be used the same way as Rules; e.g. verify authenticated user or enrich data.
Will be Actions a new way which will slowly replace Rules?

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Hi @r-brown ,

Auth0 Rules is a great way to extend your authentication flow. It will execute after the user have completed authentication and before the tokens are issued to the application.

Actions are bit different than rules because you can “hook” several functional services that fire during specific events across multiple identity flows.

Currently the features are bit limited but going forward, Auth0 will focus more on enhancing Auth0 actions.


The Auth0 video at this timestamp https://youtu.be/WAuVt2DtTlI?t=19 also explains the reasons why rules existed, and the thinking that have evolved to us to first offer Hooks and using this learnings to evolve further to now offer Actions, and the additional benefits you get with Actions as while the features are still limited, they will be more focus on enhancing these.

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Thanks for sharing all that here @nissandookeran and @supun!

We now have an official guide to migrating from Rules to Actions for anyone looking to switch over!