What grant type should I use?

Hello, I am considering what grant type I should use in server side validator.
Auth0 Management API’s update user api is used for changing password now.
And then, server side validation is checking current password and try to authenticate by Auth0 API’s /oauth/token with grant type of password.
I got some warning about using grant type of password, but I saw the document describing password grant type is used for getting token not via browser.
Now I am confused what grant type I should use.
Please help me and I hope to get your suggestion for this situation.

Thank you

Hi @TShida951,

It sounds like you are using this server as a machine to machine application, which uses the client credentials grant to obtain tokens that aren’t linked to a specific user.

Check out our docs on the matter:

Thank you for your reply

I will try to use grant type of client _ credentials


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Let us know if you have any questions.

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