What are the steps to use cross origin verification page, how does it work?

What are the steps to use cross origin verification page, how does it work ?

I am trying to use it for embedded login on my cordova application.

Hey there,

Have you had a chance beforehand to visit that doc? It will guide you in implementing cross-origin authentication.

yes, I already visited the docs but I don’t understand how this works, where should I host the page. How setting up the page helps, etc.

Got it. Can you post here in bullet points all precise questions you have so I can target them accordingly? Thank you!

hi @konrad.sopala

I am using embedded login for my cordova app (which uses webview). Now I am trying to use auth0.js sdk for javascript and I want to redirect to my app after successful login.

I am using custom url scheme plugin to redirect back to my app. My redirect url looks like:

I was successfully redirected back to my app, but the url obtained as callback was:


I should have got the authorization code instead. So I put this issue to another post: Unable to configure verification page - #5 by biswas.khayargoli

But I have got no valid answers so far. I think this is because of cross origin issue. So, I want to know how can I use cross origin verification page.

Thank you for providing all that context! Let me dig into it, reproduce and get back to you with info to share!