What are the steps to connect auth0 with Render.com?

I have completed a small React project to display the data which i get from an api and implemented auth0 autherization for practice. So, when i am logging in using the application locally autherization was working so made the whole project revolving around it and when i hoisted it on Render.com , the authetication was not working.

i tried to put the URLs in the Application URLs and search the internet but wasn’t able to find a solution to it. Can anyone help in solving this issue?

P.S This is my first time posting in this community so excuse the tags if they were wrong.

Hi @riteshk229,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I think some more information would be helpful. What about it is not working? Are you seeing errors in the browser, errors in the Auth0 logs, what behavior is happening?

Thank you!

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