What are the options to have a language param at the MFA page?

Hi all,

I’m trying to translate the MFA page based upon a param send by my React app or based on the user_metadata language param that is in my Auth0 user database. My app is multilingual so it would be nice to have it translated in the correct language. I succeeded in translating the MFA page by adding a languageDictionary but it is with a hardcoded language param and I can’t seem to find any way to send the param that I’m using at the login stage to the MFA step nor using the data that is in my Auth0 database.

Does anyone have an idea if/how I’m able to do this? Preferably it would be the param that I send from my React app to the universal login page.


Hello @Devolicious,

Are you using the Classic or New Universal Login page? I believe the only way to set the language with Classic is pass language=[language spec] in the redirect to the login page.


Allowed language specs are listed here:

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I’m using the classic login page. Passing the language parameter to the login page works like a charm but then when I go further to the 2FA page, the language gets lost I guess. It’s not in the url query string anymore and I didn’t find any parameters where I could retrieve it from. Is there a way to pass it from the login page to the 2FA page?

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