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What are recommended solutions for SPA, with Reverse Proxy, and microservice API?



I have a single page app (Angular) sitting in front of a couple of Docker instances (written in Golang), with Ngnix serving as the reverse proxy. I would like to secure those services/endpoints with a proxy server that provides authentication and authorization. What, if any, are any recommended solutions?

I have read over the nginx-jwt tutorial from Auth0 but it is a few years out of date and claims to not support RSA256 (I know there was some discussion in the issues pages that it actually does but no one has provided an example).

I’m willing to swap out Ngnix for something else. I’m also willing to swap out with some 3rd party service like Amazon API Gateway (which might be nice since my Docker instances are all running inside of an EU2 instance). I did find some basic Auth0 instructions for this ( This seems like a non-trivial move and would take me out of my usual comfort zone for development (develop everything local then push a product somewhere). Would this be worth the effort?