WebAuth signup 'cb parameter is not valid'

   //function create Auth0 User
                register.createAuth0User = function (e, p) {
                    return webAuth.signup({
                        connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication',
                        email: e,
                        password: p
                //generic webauth init
                function Auth0Init(domain, clientId) {
                    return new auth0.WebAuth({
                        domain: domain,
                        clientID: clientId

The following code does not allow me to create a user. I keep getting the error: ‘cb parameter is not valid’. I am using a custom UI as I need it for app consistency. I am writing the app in AngularJS 1.6.5 using Auth0 SDK v8. I use a similar type code for signing in and that is working perfectly.

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The Auth0.js signup method you’re using requires a second parameter that represents a callback function that will be invoked with the outcome of the signup operation.

In the code you’re using you’re only passing a single parameter so you’ll need to update it to include also a callback function; see the linked reference docs for an example.

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