Verify email with code?

I want when the user’s signup the email_verified : false is returned. But i want the user to recieve a verification OTP on their mail, which they will enter on the auth0 page and then i receives the email_verified = true eveytime when a new user signup. How do I achieve this functionality? I would prefer a detailed process.

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Steps to Implement Email Verification with OTP in Auth0:

1. Auth0 Dashboard Configuration:

  • Go to Auth0 Dashboard > Rules > Create Rule.
  • Choose “Email Verification” template.
  • Modify the rule to send OTP instead of a link.

2. Auth0 Rule Code:

function (user, context, callback) {
  if (user.email_verified) {
    return callback(null, user, context);
  // Generate OTP and send via email
  // You can use Auth0's API or third-party services to send OTP
  // Store OTP for later verification
  // Redirect user to OTP verification page
  context.redirect = {
  return callback(null, user, context);

3. OTP Verification Page:

  • Create a page to input OTP.
  • Use Auth0.js or Auth0 SDK to verify OTP.

4. Verify OTP:

// Use Auth0 API to verify OTP
// If OTP is valid, set `email_verified` to true

5. Finalize Rule:

  • After OTP verification, redirect back to the application.
  • Update email_verified in the user profile.

6. Client-Side:

  • After successful login, check email_verified in the user’s profile.

7. Server-Side (Optional):

  • You can also check email_verified server-side for extra security.

8. Done:

  • Now, email_verified should be true for users who have verified their email via OTP.

This is a high-level overview. Each step can have its own complexities depending on your specific requirements.

Hi @ suchislife801
Would you please help with an updated guide ? I believe “rules” are deprecated and no longer available for new tenants. I know it’s a lot to ask, that would save my day

Same question as @cdascal - Would appreciate guidance about how to achieve the same via Actions now that rules are being deprecated.

Thoughts @suchislife801 or anyone else?

Here is a code example from an Auth0 SA:

Hi @cdascal , Did you find a way to implement verify email with code ? I tried doing so by going in branding → email template → then choosing verification email with code. we also have to enable custom email provider by going in email provider and enabling “use my own email provider” for that.

I tried sending email while testing it from the dashboard in email template section. it worked over there but the same is not working as when signing up user from my app. please let me know if you have figured out a way to implement it.