Verify email with code?

I want when the user’s signup the email_verified : false is returned. But i want the user to recieve a verification OTP on their mail, which they will enter on the auth0 page and then i receives the email_verified = true eveytime when a new user signup. How do I achieve this functionality? I would prefer a detailed process.

Steps to Implement Email Verification with OTP in Auth0:

1. Auth0 Dashboard Configuration:

  • Go to Auth0 Dashboard > Rules > Create Rule.
  • Choose “Email Verification” template.
  • Modify the rule to send OTP instead of a link.

2. Auth0 Rule Code:

function (user, context, callback) {
  if (user.email_verified) {
    return callback(null, user, context);
  // Generate OTP and send via email
  // You can use Auth0's API or third-party services to send OTP
  // Store OTP for later verification
  // Redirect user to OTP verification page
  context.redirect = {
  return callback(null, user, context);

3. OTP Verification Page:

  • Create a page to input OTP.
  • Use Auth0.js or Auth0 SDK to verify OTP.

4. Verify OTP:

// Use Auth0 API to verify OTP
// If OTP is valid, set `email_verified` to true

5. Finalize Rule:

  • After OTP verification, redirect back to the application.
  • Update email_verified in the user profile.

6. Client-Side:

  • After successful login, check email_verified in the user’s profile.

7. Server-Side (Optional):

  • You can also check email_verified server-side for extra security.

8. Done:

  • Now, email_verified should be true for users who have verified their email via OTP.

This is a high-level overview. Each step can have its own complexities depending on your specific requirements.