Value of `$state` different than expected causing 'Invalid state' error upon login

PHP SDK v 8.2.1

I’ve been attempting to work through the basic login process, but am getting stuck at “Invalid state” (after a successful login).

For ease of explanation, let’s just say $state is generated as “1234abcd”

The $state value throughout the process:

Auth0::login (just before the `getLoginLink()`):  123456789

Auth0::exchange (just before the `invalidState` check):  123456789

TransientStoreHandler::verify  expected:  123456789

TransientStoreHandler::getOnce -> $this->store->get():  432542463

I meant to stay $state is generated as “123456789”. So I’ve traced it through the process from login->return->exchange->verify and it seems like it does come back from the login correctly, but then fails because of the getOnce call, which is returning a new/different value.