Validating a token using auth0 java-jwt library in Coldfusion; Plz hlp!

I am trying to validate an ID token retrieved from Azure AD using the OIDC library msal.js. After I retrieve the token, I pass it in a request to the Coldfusion server. On the server I imported the auth0 Java-JWT library. Now I am stuck. I am going crazy trying all sorts of different things. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Please help me.

I think I need to retrieve the public key in order to validate which I believe I get from the jwks_uri. I’m not sure how to automate this.

Second, I am trying to create the algorithm. Currently I have the following but I get the error, “The RSA256 method was not found.”

        <cfset publicKey = [specified here]>

        <cfset privateKey = ""> //left blank as not needed for validation

        <cfset algorithm = Algorithm.RSA256(publicKey, privateKey)>