Using the deploy cli tool with proxy_url fails when the proxy is presenting it own certificate

node --version: v14.15.0
a0deploy.cmd --version: 5.2.1

When using proxy_url and the proxy is doing ssl-inspection and presenting its own certificate a0deploy fails with:

2020-11-02T09:17:16.758Z - debug: Start command export
2020-11-02T09:17:18.226Z - error: Problem running command export
2020-11-02T09:17:18.227Z - error: unable to get local issuer certificate
2020-11-02T09:17:18.228Z - debug: APIError: unable to get local issuer certificate

Command used:
a0deploy.cmd export --config_file config.json --format yaml --output_folder .\config --proxy_url ‘http://xxxx:8080’ --debug

Is the cli missing the option to ignore ssl errors or using a custom CA file when using proxy_url? Or is there a work-around?

Hey there!

Can we ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue in deploy-cli repo so we can work on that directly with repo maintainers?

Link to the repo:

Hi Konrad

Thanks for replying.
I have created an issue at Github as well.

Link for reference:

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Thank you! I will ping repo maintainers in a few moments.

Hi Konrad,

I’m facing with the same scenario, do you have more details about?

Thank you.

Hey there!

Please refer to the GitHub issue above as repo maintainers should reach out to you guys through there.

There has been no response from the github project on the created issue ( Can you help @konrad.sopala?

Hey there!

Yep I’ll make sure to ping the repo maintainers!

Any update from the repo maintainers?

I’m just repinging them on that front! They should reach out to you shortly!

Hey there!

Closing this as I see that one of our product managers already reached out to you via GitHub issue.