Using Management API from a Login of a SPA

I am trying to get user metadata for a logged in user. Given that the login gives me an access token and not an id token. So I can’t add the user metadata that way and there does not seem to be a way to extend the information that is returned on the /userinfo API. I figure the only way to get the user metadata would be for the user to be able to user the Management API. So I attempted to user the access token to access the Management API and that is a no go. I am using the Auth0Client to do the login and get the access token and user information.

If I am missing something, please tell me.

Note: This is a SPA on a static website using HTML and Javascript (Node is not being used)

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Your app should be issued an ID Token, but the user metadata is not included in ID Tokens by default (Sample ID Token). If you are using auth0-spa-js, when you use const user = await auth0.getUser();, the user’s information is retrieved by decoding the ID Token.

If you only need the user to view their metadata, then you can extend the ID Token by adding a custom claim:

If you need to allow the user to not only read, but also make persistent updates to their metadata, then you can do so by requesting the update:current_user_metadata and read:current_user when you initiate the Auth0Client. Also, the audience config should be https://your-auth0-tenant-domain/api/v2.

Here are the docs for using the Management API in a SPA:

Please consider the warning about updating metadata from a SPA:

Auth0 does not recommend putting Management API Tokens on the frontend that allow users to change user metadata. This can allow users to manipulate their own metadata in a way that could be detrimental to the functioning of the applications. It also allows a customer to do a DoS attack against someone’s management API by just spamming it and hitting rate limits.

Ok. I see what the issue was. The name space custom claims requires that you specify a name space. That is that even if the new attribute will not collide with other attributes a name space is required for it to be added to the id token.

The attribute is a read-only attribute which is a copy of an app metadata attribute that is copied via Login Custom Action.

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