Using identity first auth profile, I have 2 orgs with 2 "auth0 databases" and a single email associated to both orgs--not getting Org picker prompt?

Hello, per the title…

I have an identity first auth profile configured.

I have two organizations:

  • Org A with Auth0 Database Connector 1
  • Org B with Auth0 Database Connector 2

I have email: test@test.tld as members of Org A Connector 1 and Org B Connector 2.

When I get the Universal login prompt, I type in test@test.tld, it prompts me for a password. My expectation here is that I would get the Org picker but it does not. I have no idea how it’s choosing which org_id to put in the JWT.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please disregard. You’re supposed to use a single database. But posting here as the solution to help anyone else.

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