Using Auth0 to authenticate external users to SharePoint Online


We have built a few applications with Auth0 for our external users (using the Login-Password Database) with success.
We now have a new project to use SharePoint Online to share files with our external users. We don’t want to manually create guest accounts (and password) for external users in our Azure AD and would like to use Auth0 to authenticate them and give them access to our SharePoint online. Our internal company users aren’t currently in Auth0 but managed in Azure AD.

I found this integration on the market place: Office 365 Integration with Auth0

Would that allow us to:

  • sign in our external users using Auth0 and let them access our SharePoint online?
  • if yes, would that create guest accounts in our Azure AD for them?
  • Have our internal users still being authenticated using Azure AD?

Many thanks for your help,

Hi, Did you manage to find a solution for your use case. We have a same use case.