Using API to generate user access_token for automated testing, organization members

Our QA team is automating the testing of our APIs. Our application users are all members of organizations.

We tried using the Resource Owner Password ( API to generate an access token for a user, however “grant type ‘password’ not allowed for the client”.

The application itself has the “accessed by team members of organizations” setting set, so on the Grants page it says “Only the Implicit, Authorization Code and Refresh Token grant types are currently allowed for applications that are accessed by team members of organizations”.

Is there any other way that the APi can be used to generate an access token for a user who is a member of an organization using their username and password? Or it it only possible to go via the UI?

Hi @amngs,

The organizations does not currently support the resource owner password grant. Feel free to drop us a feature request here: Feedback .

Otherwise, you will need to retrieve a token via the UI.

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