Using a Custom Social Connection to make a second Apple connection

Problem statement

We need to make two separate Apple social connections, but the Dashboard limits us to just one per tenant. To meet our use case, we are attempting to make a Custom Social connection to Apple in addition to our native Apple connection. We are using this blog as a guide:

We are able to get the connection to work, but only if we limit the scope to just ‘openid’. If we attempt to add ‘email’ or ‘name’, we get an error from Apple that says “invalid_request - response_mode must be form_post when name or email scope is requested.”

Is it possible to either add these scopes or use the form_post response mode with our custom social connection?


Unfortunately, we currently support another way to handle Apple connections other than the built-in social connection, mainly due to the difference in how Apple handles its logins. The response_mode: form_post requirement is new to Apple within the last few years and makes it so the custom social connection can only use the openid scope since the response_mode cannot be modified for the connection.