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I didn’t see an answer anywhere, so I figured I’d post my question. I’m trying to use the users-exports endpoint and am consistently getting a 404. We have our own Auth0 appliance, running 2009.2 (we will be updating again soon but couldn’t during our critical period).

All seems to be correct, but it acts like it can’t find the endpoint. Here’s my call from Postman, with masked data:

curl --location --request POST ‘’
–header ‘content-Type: application/json’
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer <mgmt_token>’
–header ‘Content-Type: text/plain’
–header 'Cookie: ’
–data-raw ‘{“connection_id”: “”, “format”: “json”, “limit”: 5, “fields”: [{“name”: “email”}, { “name”: “identities[0].connection”, “export_as”: “provider” }]}’

Anyone have any idea why I can’t find the endpoint?


Hi @wes.sorensen,

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The URL looks correct from what I can see. Are you able to get a non 404 for other Management API endpoints?

Have you tried to send Content-Type: application/json instead of text/plain?

Hi @wes.sorensen

The endpoint POST /api/v2/jobs/users-exports is currently not yet supported on PSaaS environments.

The alternative for the private cloud environments is to use the GET /api/v2/users endpoint or the User Import / Export Extension.


Ah, that makes total sense now. Thank you!
I currently pull users down using the GET /api/v2/users so I’ll continue with that. Any idea when it will be supported?

Fwiw /users-exports support for PSaaS is supposed to be introduced this quarter.

So quick follow-up question. Our PSaaS will be retiring user search v2 when we upgrade to May 2021. In preparation for that, I switched my queries to use search_engine=v3. Unfortunately, now I can’t pull back all users programmatically since it limits it to 1000 total results.

I guess I can wait until the end of the quarter (per markd) to have the /users-exports available to me, but checking to see if there’s another way of exporting a large number of users?

Unfortunately, there are no other options at this time. One of my team members built a hack to “page” through the user data by doing time-boxed searches based on profile creation dates.

Thanks. Yes, I was thinking how I could page through by setting search criteria. Unfortunately, we recently migrated all users from our old prod tenant to our new prod tenant, so everyone has the same create_date. Maybe by chunking up the email address or something…

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