Users appear in queries and dashboard after linking, but not when querying for a specific user.

Steps to reproduce:

add rule to link accounts with same email address
sign up with user account (oauth or database)
sign up again with another method, and same email address.

Rule executes and returns original user after linking.

Now there are two users listed with that email address in the dashboard.

The original shows that the linking was successful; trying to navigate to the secondary account shows “User Not Found” error.

Running the api to query for all users, shows the ‘ghosted’ one.

Trying to delete or query for that ghosted secondary user returns 404.

Seeing same.

would you mind up-voting this issue carlos?
I’m not sure what the threshold is for them to take a look, but I guess it hasn’t been met yet.

I also have a support ticket in that I haven’t gotten a reply to since “I will forward this to our development team” 11 days ago.

reading through some of the other questions, it sounds like people are having this same issue all over the place (in one form or another).

FWIW, I also opened a ticket, to no avail.

Ran into the same issue now. Either there have been breaking changes to the account linking behaviour that have not been communicated in any way or it’s flat out broken. I’m using the /api/v2/users/{id}/identities endpoint to link users, not the rule (although I’d imagine the rule uses the same API in the end)

Before after successful account linking the result was one working user with two identities. What happens now is there’s one user with two identities and one seemingly broken user that shows up in some queries but not others.

This broken user shows up in the auth0 users UI, but when you try to open the user you get a User not found error.

This broken user shows up if I search for users via email.raw query with the /api/v2/users endpoint. If I look for the user with /api/v2/users/{id}, the user can not be found. Same thing if I try to delete this “ghost” user. So basically our auth0 database now has some kind of corrupted users that show up in some searches but not others and can not be deleted.

Please see my answer to the following post: