User still signed in after browser was closed 12 hours later

I have download the sample app for .net core 3.
and created a tenant for it, to test this in isolation.
When the user logs in and then closes the browser. No matter how long i wait, he never logs out. Or at least it appears that way.
I have just run the app after maybe 12 hours and the user is still logged in.
How can i prevent this happening.

I have tried adjusting the session time out by adding the following code:

services.AddSession(options =>
options.IdleTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1);

But it made no difference at all.

The default session timeout is 3 days of inactivity and 30 days are of fore logout. You can get help from below mention post.

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Thanks i tried the setting in the Tenant. It appears to do what i wanted. Strange though as the description says that it will time out after N minutes of inactivity. But it only works for me if i already closed the browser.
If i set it to one min, and just wait with the browser open it does NOT time out. Only if i close it first then wait 1 min. Strange. But still does what i need, so i am happy.

Thank you for the link.

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