User Search Query v3, not handling special character

I’m making an API call as described here: User Search Query Syntax

It all works well, including with characters such as é, so I am pretty sure the URL encoding on my request is all good. However, no matter what I try no results are returned if i include ’ character in my search. Note, that is not a normal single quote that comes up if using PC keyboard, it is URL encoded as: %E2%80%99, and seems to be on the default iOS keyboard.

I can actually reproduce on the the Auth0 dashboard when doing the same Lucene Syntax search.

For example, searching for this this will work:
user_metadata.full_name_lower:“simon o’brian”

But searching for the following (after adjusting the users metadata accordingly) will fail:
user_metadata.full_name_lower:“simon o’brian”

Have also tried escaping the search with no success, e.g:
user_metadata.full_name_lower:“simon o\’brian”

This is quite a problem for me, as it is a surprisingly common character in names.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit - My example is confusing as when saving the issue it is auto converting the 2 different characters to be the exact same!