User search problem by email

I have some problem with users search by exact email, when email has case sensitive version in multiple connections, e.g.

  • in connection A is email: ‘’
  • in connection B is email: ‘’

I need search by “”.

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I’m assuming that you refer to the /users-by-email endpoint and in that case to my knowledge the fact that the search is made in a case insensitive manner is by design. Having said that the result set should be sufficiently small to allow for additional filtering of the response (applying a case sensitive check) to be made on the client performing the request without any major overhead. Can you clarify if your scenario is the one assumed and also why you don’t consider additional filtering as a solution for the use case.

The portal has this same problem at
Searching full email address is case sensitive, however when you search an email address before the ‘@’ it is not.
Is there a place to write up Auth0 Bugs.

There is a bug in the portal when one searches with full email address the search is case sensitive. However if you insert the email address up before the ‘@’ it is not case sensitive. Is there a place where we can log Auth0 bugs?