User Profile Raw Json

How can I retrieve user profile’s raw JSON when userinfo API called ? For now what I’m getting is this ![alt text][1]

What I actually want is this
![alt text][2]

I’m using the auth0-lock and access token I’m getting when signing in

The /userinfo endpoint will only expose information for standard OpenID Connect user profile attributes that were requested during the authentication request through scopes. For example, a scope of email means that both email and email_verified properties will be available in that endpoint as long as the user profile have them.

In addition to that that endpoint will also surface custom claims added by you during the authentication request; see the reference documentation.

In conclusion, the response will never be exactly as the one you describe, but you still have the flexibility to include the information you desire to expose to the end-user and have in mind that this is the important part. There may be some information on the user profile that you may not want to expose directly to end-users.

Having said that, your applications (the ones suitable to call Management API) have full access to everything in the user profile by performing a call to this endpoint:

the response will never be exactly as
the one you describe
But this what I get when I call the endpoint of auth0 account which I gt initially with the project !
![alt text][1]

In a legacy mode it used to be possible for the end-user to get access to the whole profile with an end-user based token, however, this is now deprecated and although some tenants may still have that ability because the migration deadline has not yet been reached . Having said that, you should ignore the legacy ability as otherwise you’re just building an application now already knowing that it won’t work down the line.