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User Profile Picture on iOS application



I am utilizing the iOS SDK and I want my users to be able to change their profile image.
I read on this page: that Auth0 doesn’t allow you to change the default avatar that you have to set a metadata field with a new image URL.

I wanted to be able to upload the new image to Auth0 and assumed that capability came with Auth0’s data-store.

Why can’t users change the default image?

If I was to create an Amazon S3 bucket, how would I go about setting this up to allow users to be able to upload from iOS without using Amazon Cognito?

I would have actually preferred to ONLY use Auth0’s datastore… so this is highly disappointing.

Are there any other options?


Auth0 does not support storing files, or being used as an image store. The ideal way to handle this would be to have the images uploaded on a service suited to that (S3, Azure Blob Storage, etc), and store the URL in the user profile user_metadata.


Yes, I realize that. Do you have any documentation that goes over how to connect to an S3 bucket from within Auth0 on iOS to upload an image from the mobile side to S3? And then send the URL data to Auth0?

I have asked Amazon S3 about this and I haven’t gotten any help that shows how to properly do this from Auth0.