User_messenger_contact scope/permission is missing


I need to get the facebook specific user_messenger_contact permission form a user during login with facebook. But the Identity Provider Facebook from Social Connections does not provide this permission to select. How can I get this permission during login?

Hi @SnpStef,

This doc goes over how to add custom scopes to social connections:

Let me know if you have any questions.


thank you but the user_messenger_contact scope is not part of the configuration dialog of the auth0 facebook sso integration.

I’m using the Login Widget where the user can choose which login option (connection) he would like to use. Hence I do not know beforehand if the user logs in with facebook or usename/password. Can I provide facebook specifc scopes in the scope parameter of the loginWithRedirect method?

I also tried to use the UpdateConnection Endpoint of the Management API. Here I guess I can add any scope to the connection even if the scope is not provided in the configuration screen of the connection. Can you please confirm if this is the case?

Yes, you can also add static params. Here’s the doc: Pass Parameters to Identity Providers

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