User export with MFA method

I’m trying to export users along with their enrolled MFA methods using the bulk user export api
But when I try that nothing was exported, the whole column is empty
Is it currently not working?

This is what I’m exporting:

"fields": [
        { "name": "given_name" },
        { "name": "family_name" },
        { "name": "email" },
        { "name": "created_at" },
        { "name": "last_login" },
        { "name": "logins_count" },
        { "name": "multifactor" }

Everything was exported correctly except “multifactor”

(reference: How to export users along with their multifactor information)

Hi @freddy.w ,

I tested exporting multifactor and it did no work for me either. I have reached out to our internal team and will keep you updated.


Hi @freddy.w ,

Sorry about the delayed response.

Currently, the MFA data are not included in the normal user export that customers can trigger. That’s why they are missing. Customers with paid subscriptions can talk to the Support team requesting such details.

If this is something you are interested to see in the future, please communicate your use case with our Product team via feedback. They review those items closely and might increase the priority if it has enough votes.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with regarding this topic. Thanks!

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