User data migration between connections

I’m thinking about user data migration between connections.
For example, let’s say you were originally authenticating with OIDC’s Enterprise Connections.
After that, you want the authentication to be done with Auth0.
*Enterprise Connections is discarded.
The Auth0 side may store user information for each connection.
How should data be transferred between connections in Auth0 (Enterprise Connections→Database)?
Do you export data from a pre-migrated connection and then import it into a post-migrated connection?

Hi @hagiwaram,

It is hard to say without more information. There are a few ways to get at user data:

  • You can bulk export and bulk import. This has some restrictions
  • You can use the management API to access user profiles
  • You can use account linking to link an enterprise user with a DB user.

Post some more details about what you are trying to do, and we can help out.