Use existing custom login logic with redirects with Auth0 Database Connection

Hi all,

We started integrating Auth0 to our web-site, because we need SSO for Tableau integration.

On our web-site we have existing custom login logic with different redirections (e.g. redirection to home page; redirection to Terms&Condition page for the first login; redirection to Reset Password page if user was created with such option, etc.). That login logic is based on ABP Framework (ver. 0.8.4) and also work with multi-tenancy.

We managed to set up Auth0 Database Connection with login script to confirm, that user with password exists within our database. And now the question is if it is possible to run our custom login logic with different redirections after authorization via Auth0?

(There is a redirect_uri parameter in Auth0 authorization url, but it seems like it doesn’t support any dynamic parameters and therefore we cannot invoke our login endpoint).

Thank you!