Updating User Profile with Actions

Can I update the user profile in login/post-login action? What would be the best way to do that?

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Are you trying to update metadata (app_metadata or user_metadata) or the primary user profile attributes (name, email, etc.)?

Thanks Dan,
I am trying to update user_metadata inside login/postlogin action.
Right now I am calling management API inside my action to do this task. Is there any other possible way?


It looks like you should be able to update metadata directly. It is mentioned in the docs, specifically this part.

I’ll test it tomorrow and see what happens.

Please look into that.
If I return this in action:

 const data = {place: "abc"};
 return { 
      user :{
       userMetaData: data,

It won’t update my metaData


It seems that it didn’t make it into the beta, which is what I expected. Good news, it is on the radar and should be rolled out in the future, hopefully with the GA launch.

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sounds good, I’ll wait for GA launch.

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