Update Home Realm Discovery Email Domains for Dashboard SSO Integration


Home Realm Discovery needs to recognize new email domains for existing Dashboard SSO integration, or an associated domain needs to be removed.


If the Universal Login or Classic Login is being used to access the Manage Dashboard, HRD can be enabled for the Dashboard SSO integration during its setup. the login page recognizes the domain of the email address the Tenant Member enters and then directs them to the new SSO connection.

Due to changes in the email domains of the company, the dashboard admins might need to access the dashboard using their existent SSO integration with different email domains.


Tenant Administrators can request the update of the email domains for Home Realm Discovery via a support ticket.

For new email domains to be added, the company must own the domain (i.e., they administer the users in it; it does not belong to a contractor or any other external companies).