Update all users with a new rule?

We have a property set on each Auth0 user object, but it’s not searchable since it’s outside the user_metadata / app_metadata objects.
How can I run a rule on all our existing users to transfer the property into the app_metadata object?

Hi @seltar,

Where is the property set?

This is how it appears when I request a list of users from the api.

    "created_at": "create date",
    "dateofbirth": "some birthdate",
    "family_name": "Last name",
    "given_name": "First name",
    "identities": [
            "provider": "oauth2",
            "access_token": "some token",
            "user_id": "some user id",
            "connection": "connection name",
            "isSocial": true
    "name": "Full name",
    "nickname": "Full name",
    "picture": "url to picture",
    "ssn": "I want to copy this field",
    "sub": "some id",
    "updated_at": "update date",
    "user_id": "user id",
    "last_login": "login date",
    "last_ip": "login ip",
    "logins_count": 1,
    "app_metadata": {
        "userId": "internal user id",
        "roles": [
            "internal user role"

So my goal is to copy the ‘ssn’ field over to the ‘app_metadata’ field to make it searchable for all the existing and future users.

You could use a rule to update this attribute as your users log in, or you can use the management API to update all of the users at once.

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