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Upcoming Browser Behavior Changes: What Developers Need to Know

Learn about upcoming changes to browser cookie behavior that may make your web applications incompatible.

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What do you think about browser behavior changes? Are you getting ready?

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Ramiro, I think that this is by far the easiest to digest article on this topic I’ve come across in our mitigation of the SameSite Doomsday. The high level approach that is included with the usage of dual cookies is brilliant in its elegance and simplicity while still providing 100% browser compatibility coverage.

In the spirit of helping folks out who are also facing this issue internally, I’d also propose another mechanism for implementing Auth0’s dual cookie solution: using a proxy to inject and then coalesce cookies. I’ve written up a blog post of how we implemented the solution for our application in IIS:

My hope is that this information finds its audience before folks actually run into issues in production.