Unsupported_response_type when using openid connect to Okta


I have an enterprise connection using OpenID Connect and when I try to login, I get an error saying:
“unsupported_response_type (The response type is not supported by the authorization server. Configured response types: [code].)”,

When I look at the openid-configuration of the okta server I see that many response types are supported:

“response_types_supported”: [
“code token”,
“code id_token”,
“token id_token”,
“code token id_token”

and response modes supported are
“response_modes_supported”: [

In our enterprise connection we have set the type to Front Channel. Has anyone encountered this type of problem between Auth0 and Okta before?

For anyone else who has this problem, here are two solutions to resolve this error:

Option 1, make sure that in general settings the Implicit (hybrid) option and Allow ID Token with implicit grant type are checked

Option 2, switch from a SPA app to a web app and use the client and secret via the back channel in Auth0.