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Universal Login with External JavaScript

I am setting up Universal login with an external javascript file. So far I’m receiving the response:
{“statusCode”:403,“description”:“Invalid state”,“name”:“AnomalyDetected”,“code”:“access_denied”}
I suspected this was a CORS error, so I added the url the JavaScript file is pulled from to the CORS section in the dashboard for the App. I am continuing to receive this error and am looking for a way to get through it. So far the file errors when uploading to the Universal Login page. I would also accept an alternative way to upload a larger file. The reason this is necessary so far is we have decided to use Vue as the framework for developing this app. We haven’t shrunk it down yet, and so it is running around 9MiB.


Hi justin.n, and welcome to the community!

Usually the reasons for that error are as follows:

  • User directly access the /login page, for example via a bookmark
  • User hit the back button during authentication
  • Browser update/settings not allowing cookies (where state would be stored for the session)

Are you directly hitting the /login page? Please make sure you’re hitting the /authorize page.

Let me know if that helps.

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